Robert Tarimo

Co-Founder, Operations Director

Born and raised in Tanzania, Robert knows his country like the back of his hand. Following his passion for wildlife, he studied Wildlife Management and Ecology. For more than 18 years, Robert has been working as a guide and sharing his love and passion for his country with guests from all over the world. He is a founding member of the Interpretive Guides Society (a society of conservation-minded safari guides who are interested in furthering their knowledge and sharing insights into Tanzania’s natural habitats, in all its diversity) and a highly respected individual among his peers.

All his life Robert has felt the need to help and support fellow Tanzanians who aren’t as fortunate as him. Having the opportunity to show you his country while giving back to the community at the same time has made his lifelong dream come true and given him a sense of purpose.

“After having had the opportunity to spend so many years in the bush and make people fall in love with it, I wanted to find a way to bring our guests closer to true life in Tanzania, which they usually didn’t get to experience on a deeper level. Knowing that, together with our guests, we’re now making a positive social impact on the communities every time we are taking our guests on safari with us fills my heart with gratitude.”


Denise Brown

Co-Founder, Sales & Marketing Director

Denise has had a love for Africa long before she first set foot on the continent, but after her first visit to Tanzania there was no turning back. She fell deeply and utterly in love with the country and its people and decided to follow her passion. It is her goal to introduce you to the magical world of East Africa and to give you a deeper understanding of the culture and its people.

Denise is bringing with her extensive event management experience, having worked with high-profile clients all across the world for almost a decade. She loves planning amazing experiences and putting together detailed itineraries that will exceed expectations.

“I hope that our guests will be equally enchanted and touched by Tanzania as I was when I first visited. It completely changed my life. I want to share my love and passion for Africa and open our guests’ hearts and minds by giving them the chance to get to know East Africa on a deeper level that goes beyond a regular safari trip. In today’s world we find ourselves over-connected at a shallow level and under-connected at a deeper, more meaningful level. Spending time in Tanzania absolutely switched that around for me and made me focus on what's really important in life.

My primary motivation to start SABABU SAFARIS with Robert was to show gratitude to the people who so warmly welcomed me to Tanzania by giving back to the communities.”