Tanzania requires a piece of your heart as the price of admission and gives a piece of itself to carry in your heart forever after.

The United Republic of Tanzania consists of Tanganyika, on the African mainland, and the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba. It is the largest country in East Africa and became independent from its British mandate in 1961 under the leadership of its first President, Julius Nyerere, who managed to unite the over 120 separate tribes into a cohesive society, turning Tanzania into the stable factor in Africa it still is today. This stability, combined with the friendly population and the country’s wealth of natural and cultural diversity, ensures that Tanzania is the ultimate holiday destination, an exotic location that will make your dreams come true and where you can rely on SABABU SAFARIS to guide you. We can offer you wonderful wildlife safaris, exciting trekking tours, or a delightfully relaxing beach holiday in Zanzibar with its white sandy shores. In addition to Tanzania’s overwhelming flora and fauna, it's SABABU SAFARIS' mission to introduce you to its rich culture few truly experience by offering you special SABABU EXPERIENCES that benefit the local communities.


Tanzania hosts some of the last untouched places left on this planet. It is a place of vast horizons and untamed wilderness; a place of breathtaking beauty and humbling majesty. You can easily lose yourself in its sweeping vistas, endless blue skies, and timeless rhythms.

Tranquil yet raw, primitive yet serene - there is hardly any other place like it left on earth. The sights, smells and sounds are completely unique, and may be totally different from anything you've ever experienced before. All the stale routines or nagging worries back home will undoubtedly begin to fade to distant memory, and quintessential Africa will captivate your senses with new vibrancy. Spectacular and varied scenery - imagine sweeping grasslands teeming with animals and granite kopjes baking in the sunshine; imagine glittering soda lakes covered in pink flamingos and collapsed volcanoes that look like a set from Jurassic Park; imagine towering mountains and endless blue skies - it is hard to believe that one country hosts such an incredible variety of habitats. Sharing the authentic richness of Tanzania with a spouse, friends or family can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your lifetime.

The seemingly endless grasslands supported by the incredible diversity of wildlife are unparalleled anywhere in the world. Early on, the savannas of Tanzania were an ideal hunting ground for early man, and it was here that civilization began. So take a step back in time with a trip to Tanzania and witness the birthplace of nature and mankind. SABABU SAFARIS provides a unique experience that encompasses it all.


With more than 120 ethnic groups and tribes living in Tanzania, it is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world - from the well-known tall and graceful Maasai warriors, the ancient ways of the Hadza bushmen, the resourceful agricultural practices of the Wameru, the artistic talents of the Makonde to the Chaga farmers and traders. Despite the incredible diversity of tribes, Tanzania doesn’t suffer from tribal conflict like some other countries in Africa. In fact, it is believed that one of the main reasons why Tanzania remains one of the safest and most peaceful countries in Africa is because of the large number of ethnic groups who have traded harmoniously over the years. They gracefully unite in one country as one people using one language (Kiswahili). Most people speak English as well.

Tanzanian people are known to be among the friendliest in Africa. They are warm, happy to see you and eager to help. They love children and enjoy a friendly chat with tourists - expect to hear a very warm greeting of “Jambo” wherever you go. You will find that they are very interested to know where you come from, what your daily life is like and what your family background is. While traditional wildlife safaris always leave visitors with truly stunning images in their minds, it is the beautiful and fascinating people who leave visitors with warm feelings in their hearts that last a lifetime. Find out more about how you can meet the people that represent Tanzania's spirit and soul here.