Travel is more than seeing the sights; it’s a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.
— Miriam Beard

We believe that travel can be the catalyst to inspire us, touch our souls and make us feel truly connected and alive. We believe that by engaging in travel in a deeper, more intentional, and more meaningful way, travel has the power to transform our lives and create lasting change in the world. We believe that travel, at its roots, is about connecting with new people, places, and cultures and wrestling with ideas, perspectives and beliefs that simultaneously inspire us and challenge us to our core. It’s about being awed by the beauty of nature and feeling that sense of connection. It's about reconnecting with ourselves so that we can live with more meaning, purpose, and intention…and make a lasting impact in the world.

Why choose Sababu Safaris?


Sababu Experiences

We believe that by engaging in travel in a deeper, more intentional, and more meaningful way, travel has the power to transform our lives and create lasting change in the world. We unite conservation, communities and sustainable travel by seamlessly integrating unique and impactful SABABU EXPERIENCES that give you the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the rich Tanzanian culture few truly experience - while making a positive social impact at the same time. We want you to FEEL and EXPERIENCE the true Tanzania, and easily DO GOOD when having the time of your life.


Tailor-Made Safaris

We are an owner-run boutique company with an international team. We are committed to creating a unique experience which meets your needs and exceeds your expectations and dreams. All our safari itineraries are uniquely crafted and tailored to the specific month of travel to facilitate the most optimal game viewing conditions but you will be able to completely customize your own private safari based on your travel style, preferences and interests. We offer all-inclusive safaris that will take you deep into the isolated wilderness where packaged tour companies don't go. No mixed groups, no competing for views with strangers, and no conflicting interests. With SABABU SAFARIS, you will enjoy the exclusive use of a private, specially outfitted 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser with pop-up roof providing for maximum flexibility, comfort and wildlife viewing.


Local Operator

Unlike most safari companies, we are a local Tanzanian based operator. You’ll be able to directly communicate with our team on the ground. No agents and no outsourcing your safari. We thoroughly regulate the high quality and standards of our services so that we are able to deliver the safari experience of a lifetime. To ensure you are able to communicate with us in a timely manner, we have offices in both the US and Tanzania (and we also speak German)!


Unlimited Game Drives

Each of our safaris offers unlimited game drives with no mileage or fuel restrictions and exclusive access to the most secluded and wildlife abundant areas in Tanzania. If you feel adventurous, we'll pack picnics and remain out on safari all day!



We only work with the most experienced, professional and passionate guides who have been taking guests on safaris for at least 10 years. Your safari experience is highly dependent on your guide’s skills, passion, hard work and competency, and we will ensure that you receive the finest safari experience. Our eagle-eyed guides are all Tanzania specialists and each one knows in detail the best wildlife viewing areas, secret spots off the beaten path, migratory animal movements and their behavior. And they like to have a lot of fun doing it!


Tanzania Specialist

We have chosen to specialize in Tanzania, which makes us experts in the local wildlife and regions, and allows us to create a special and unique experience for our guests—as opposed to other companies offering standard tours to many different African countries.